Friday, June 24, 2011

Mozza2Go: avoid the crowd and enjoy your pizza at home

I remember the first time I tried the pizza at Nancy Silverton's Pizzeria Mozza. I was a bit nervous. I don't like most cheeses and I definitely don't care for most pizzas. But after sampling their squash blossom and burrata pizza, I was a changed person. I realized that my repulsion towards cheese only developed because I had been subjected to pizzas with congealed and oily cheese. On the other hand, Mozza's ingredients are fresh and homemade. I was a convert.

When Blackboard Eats came out with a 30% discount for Mozza2Go, it was a good reason to relive my pizza experience. Mozza2Go is Mozza's takeout outfit, located right beside the restaurant in Hollywood. The valet will let you know where you can park for free while you hop out to pick up your order. The food smelt amazing that I was tempted to raid the pizza box on my drive home.

Chicken liver, capers, parsley & guanciale bruschetta
The bruschetta was topped with a huge heap of liver which had a really intense organy flavor. In fact, I ended up scooping part of the liver and eating it with additional crackers. I really liked the addition of chopped capers as they added a lemon tang that cut the heaviness of the liver. The crostini was crunchy, drizzled with olive oil and grilled, and topped with salty, crispy guanciale.

Meatballs al forno
$12 for 3 meatballs sounds like a hefty price tag but I really enjoyed this side dish. The meatballs which were made with beef and veal, and was well seasoned and tender. The tomato sauce was rich in flavor with a spicy kick to it.

Pizza alla Benno: Speck, pineapple, jalapenos, mozzarella & tomato
This is an upscale version of a Hawaiian pizza. The thin slices of speck were salty and delicate. The salty and sweet combination was just right. I also liked the addition of jalapeno which really spiced up the pizza.

Fennel sausage, panna, scallions, & red onion
This is one of my favorite pizzas at Mozza and definitely a must-order for meat lovers. The fennel sausage looked almost like little meatballs with little bits of fennel seeds. I love that there is minimal cheese in Mozza's pizza. Just really good quality meat and vegetable ingredients.

The food at Mozza is standout and I think it's been consistently good since its opening. The pizza comes in four slices and can be pricey at $17-$19 but I do believe it's worth the splurge once in a while. The crust was crispy and light but more importantly, the dough was appropriately seasoned. There was also the right amount of topping. They post heating instructions on the pizza boxes so the pizza will always taste just as good the next day.

6610 Melrose Ave.,
Los Angeles, CA 90038
(323) 297-1130

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