Saturday, August 4, 2012

Singapore ~ Dining Out and About

For the next 4 days, we roamed around Singapore. Here are some random shots of the delectable Singapore food that I sampled over the course of 4 days.
Chinatown was a cool spot that we checked out, with lots of casual food stands and shops.

We had buckets of beer for the hot humid days at an outdoor restaurant in Chinatown. Alcohol is generally quite expensive here (because the Govt levies a large tax), compared to the neighboring countries.

Singapore is known for its chili crab but since we had dinner plans, we opted for a snack.

Chili sauce with roti (bread). Freshly toasted bread is dipped into the sauce which is thick and had a glutinous nature to it. It’s called chili sauce but it is not overly spicy and in fact has a sweetness to it.

One of my favorite streetside items is the roti ice cream. There are guys with a refrigerated cart on sidewalks who will make up your ice cream sandwich to your preference (kind of like CoolHaus truck).  
The key is to always get the multi-colored pandan roti although you can also opt for the wafer. My all time favorite is the yam ice cream on roti. The fresh soft bread was slightly sweet with a coconutty flavoring, and soaked in all the ice cream – great snack in the humid city. My other favorite flavors are the sweet corn and durian. At SGD$1 (US$0.80) a piece, you can definitely afford a couple.
Pigs feet with wonton noodles We had this dish for breakfast which is more of a Chinese dish than traditional Singaporean. It's definitely puzzling to my Caucasian travel partners when they see us eat full-on meals of noodles or rice for breakfast. The pigs feet was fatty, gelatinous and had lots of bones. The fiancĂ© watched as I sucked off every last fat and cartilage off the bone. He’s definitely a keeper for wanting to still get married to me!
Not only is Singapore clean, but they put a lot of effort into building the flora and fauna aspect of the environment. For example, the Singapore Changi Airport has a cactus garden which is lush and gorgeous.
The food in Singapore is amazing, even airport food is top notch. Nasi lemak is a Malay dish and was served in a sturdy to-go box with a huge fried chicken leg (ayam goreng) that was marinated in spices, deep fried fish, hard boiled egg, cucumbers, a large dollop of spicy sambal sauce and rice infused with coconut.

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One More Bite said...

Nice post! That roti ice cream looks amazing!!! Sad I missed them when I went. Also LOVED chili crab (and the sauce) - had no idea you can get just the sauce to eat! Shoulda also checked with you on what to add to the To Do list beforehand! ;)