Friday, October 28, 2011

Airport food can be decent- Singaporean food at the Saigon Airport

When we were at the Saigon Airport (which by the way is very clean and modern) waiting for our flight to Cambodia, I couldn’t help but pop into Prima Taste when I saw the banner promoting Singapore food. As a Singaporean, my standards for the cuisine is very high, but I was willing to lower it knowing that we were eating at a chain restaurant at the airport.

Curry puff was cooked to order (it was piping hot).

This was probably my favorite of the dishes. I just can’t get enough of curry puff and it’s pretty hard to find here in LA, let alone one that tastes good. The pastry was buttery and flaky. Inside, you’ll find a nice mix of curried chicken, potatoes and hard boiled eggs. Tasted exactly like Old Chang Kee.

The laksa was decent, but tasty for airport standards. There was a good amount of tau pok (deep fried tofu), fish cakes, shrimp and even cockles, although the latter was kind of measly looking. I only wished that the soup was served hotter (both in temperature and in spice level).

Beef kway teow actually didn’t taste anything like kway teow. Yes, there was beef, bean sprouts and fish cake, but this tasted more like pad see ew. It was missing spice and some fatty Chinese sausage. It wasn’t bad by any means, but just not what I was expecting.

Of course you have to take the food here with a grain of salt. It's not supposed to really be "authentic" Singaporean food. You'll be disappointed if you try to compare this (in price, spice and taste) to the hawker centers in Singapore. But if you are craving Singaporean food in Vietnam, and you have time to kill at the airport, this is probably the best airport food stand around.

Prima Taste
Ho Chi Minh Airport

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