Friday, October 28, 2011

Scenes from Siem Reap, Cambodia

Here are some non-food photos of my favorite city on this Southeast Asia trip.

Our hotel, the Golden Banana Resort was just a short walk to Pub Street. It thought it was clean, up-to-date in decor, and the hotel employees were friendly and helpful.

Our room was comfortable, and was located poolside.

Even though I am not much of a sightseer, I dragged myself to the temples. Our personal guide, Bunvath, spoke good English, picked us up in a tuk tuk (complete with supply of cold bottled water), and took us on a tailored tour of the temples. BTW, the tour cost US$25 for the both of us and another $20 for the tuk tuk. Best deal ever!

I liked that the temples are located pretty close to the town center. Angkor Wat was only a couple minutes away on tuk tuk.

Our first stop was the fortress city of Angkor Thom.

The Bayon Temple is located in the center of the city of Angkor Thom. It is known for the stone faces carved in the towers. The elephant ride around the temple was pretty cool. We got to feed our elephant some bananas afterwards.

Our next temple was Ta Prohm, also known as the temple where the Tomb Raider movie was filmed.

The massive trees growing out of the temples were a sight to see.

Last but not least, we stopped at Angkor Wat, the most famous temple.

Siem Reap is such a magical place that still holds its charm. The locals were friendly and we felt very safe in the city. No one tried to scam us here, and everyone was welcoming.

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