Thursday, August 19, 2010

Neighborhood Belwood Bakery: Oh how I miss Bite...

So I just recently moved to Brentwood. It's really not that much further from my previous home in West LA, but now that I'm north of San Vicente, I'd probably rarely visit my old favorites such as Sasaya and Nook. On my day off this week, I decided to walk around and check out my new neighborhood. Top on my list was to find a bakery so that I could satisfy my constant croissant crave.

Brentwood Village has Belwood Bakery but after sampling their croissants, I have to say it doesn't come close to Bite's. Bite Bar & Bakery is located on Pico by the 10 freeway and after tasting their fresh, flaky croissants on many occasions, I have come to the conclusion that theirs reign supreme. Unfortunately, for a neighborly stroll, Belwood will have to do.

Belwood is a family owned Vietnamese French bakery. I was expecting a warm hello when I was ready to order. No such hello. They offer baked goods as well as sandwiches and desserts. The place is tiny and they have limited seating, all of which is located outside.

Plain croissant looks exactly like the ones I get from work (BAD). The croissants at work used to be really good (buttery and soft inside) but about a year ago, they changed either the vendor or the recipe, and are now they are dry and lacking in buttery goodness. I always keep buying them in hopes that one day, I might find that they've reverted back to the previous version. Had another one this morning. Still tastes like crap. Belwood is maybe marginally better.

The inside of the croissant was so bready and dry, almost felt like a day-old croissant.

Their green onion bread was starchy and dense. If I'm going to be indulging in carbs, I'd hope that it didn't taste like carbs.

On another trip, I ordered the almond croissant.

I liked the flakiness of the exterior which is my favorite part of the croissant. The almond inside was custardy, messy and drippy. The almond croissant was better than the plain version because the custard moistened the croissant so it wasn't dried out.

I miss the buttery and soft croissants from Bite. I miss the friendly welcome when I'm at the counter at Bite. I miss the cute furniture and decor at Bite. I miss the delicious little samples of baked good offered at Bite. I miss having a mimosa with my croissant at Bite. Some things are worth the 4 mile drive and I've just come to discover, Bite is...

Hits: close by
Misses: starchy croissant, service
Rating: *1/2

Belwood Bakery
11625 Barrington Court,
Los Angeles, CA 90049
(310) 471-6855


Diana said...

Aww shucks - croissants should always be buttery and flaky and delicious! What a bummer. :( I still need to get to Bite. It's so close to my work it's almost appalling I haven't been yet!

Banana Wonder said...

love how you love croissants (i am keen on the almond ones also). good coverage and too bad it was a bust!

bagnatic said...

aww that sucks. the silver lining is that you don't eat carbs daily.....

lynn said...

eeek. nothing worse than a bad croissant!