Monday, May 24, 2010

LA Wine Fest, June 5-6

You don't have to make the 3 hr drive to Santa Barbara or get on the plane to Napa Valley to sample some good wine. Come June 5 and 6, hop into a cab or grab a designated driver and make your way to Hollywood at Raleigh Studios. This ain't a small time production. There will be representation from over 130 wineries. Don't care too much for wine? They also have beers and spirits. And for the foodies, food trucks and select restaurants will be present as well.

Get your tickets now for one day or both at $65 a day or $100 for a 2 day pass. Use promo code Stephanie to get you $15 off.

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Diana said...

I'm going on Saturday! We'll have to exchange numbers so we can text each other and say "hello" or "cheers" in person! :)