Monday, August 17, 2009

A bride's still gotta eat: Brunch at Jack's

It's my sister's wedding weekend. Friends and family all met in Westlake Village for the nuptials. Westlake Village is in Thousand Oaks, California, about 30 miles from the Westside- it's not that far, but it can be over an hours drive during peak traffic.

My sister is not your typical bride.
#1 She is not a bridezilla. Her idea of a bachelorette party is brunch with the gals
#2 She was not freaking out on the big day. In fact, she relaxed in bed while everyone else was getting ready
#3 She eats on her wedding day!

On the day of the wedding, she was feeling a little hungry so a few of the girls jumped into the car and headed for Jack's Deli & Restaurant just a few blocks from the hotel. Jack's is located in a shopping area, and the interior looks very diner-esque. The menu is extensive with breakfast and lunch items, and mexican food. Very well priced as well. We grabbed a table in their covered patio area.

First up, a mimosa for me, which came in a champagne split.

My meal was a half a belgian waffle, eggs and sausage links. I thought it was odd that they would serve half a waffle. Nevertheless, it was a good half waffle, dusted with a little powdered sugar. I was satisfied.

I also ordered a side of potatoes, that came in a huge plate.

The bride (to be) ordered a chicken wrap. It had sprouts, cucumbers, peppers, chicken and a side of vegetables. It looked too healthy for me, but I suppose I'm not the one who was about to squeeze into a tight white number.

Hash and eggs with potatoes. Wow, I thought this was the winner of the day. Everything on the plate was splendid. The hash was shaped like a patty. I was expecting it to be a little dry and a little tough. But oh no, it was soft, silky and delicious. It practically melted in my mouth. I can't remember the last time I had hash that tasted so delicious. Usually it's heavy and greasy.

Western Omelet. This includes, cheese, bell pepper, onion, ham and tomato, with a side of potatoes. Good but that slice of bright orange cheese looks a little suspect. Am I just a hungry gal or do the portions seem a little small? I wonder how a grown man would sustain on this.

I was surprisingly pleased with Jack's. I had expected the food to be comparable to Denny's, which is not THAT bad, but I find that the food at Denny's tend to be a little oily. The ingredients at Jack's seemed fresh. There wasn't a line when we first arrived (there was a mere 10 minute wait for the incoming patrons when we went to pay our bill). There were lots of food options, the prices were affordable and the parking easy. I thought it was a perfect, casual place to grub before the wedding.

Hits: hash
Misses: nothing, it was good for the price point
Rate: ***

Jack's Restaurant & Deli
966 S. Westlake Blvd., Suite 2
Westlake Village, CA 91361
(805) 495-8181

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