Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Crepe Cake @ Lady M, NYC

After our lovely brunch at Jean Georges, we decided to walk around Central Park to burn off some calories before we gorged ourselves again. My friend Fay that lives in Manhattan insisted that we head over to the Upper East Side for dessert. She had been talking about this layer cake that was to die for.

So you aren't allowed to take photos in the store as I suppose they are afraid you would copy their decor. I am sure they should be fine if I was just taking a photo of the cake that I had purchased. But thankfully, I was able to be discreet with my trusty iPhone.

The decor is white and simple, uncomfortable chairs and the space is relatively small. When you first walk in, you'll pass the counter with an array of lovely cakes. They also serve champagne and a small selection of sandwiches. We started with three cups of coffee.

Love the cute little rock sugar stirrers.
The much anticipated cake arrived soon after. It's their signature cake called Mille Crepes and Fay had done much prior tasting at Lady M to conclude that this was indeed the best of the lot.

OMG seriously, this is one darn good cake. The layers were very thin, delicate layers of crepe, and the cream was light and tasted like creme brulee custard. How can you go wrong with something that tastes like that!! Apparently the crepes are also handmade and there are at least 20 layers of them. Boy, did I want a slice of my own!

If you are ever in the area and have a craving for something sweet, you won't be disappointed with this. But beware, it's not cheap. After all, this is the Upper East Side, where Serena Van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf roam. A slice of cake will run about $8 and a glass of champagne at least $18.

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Misses: it ain't cheap
Rate: ****

Lady M Cake Boutique
41 E. 78th St.,
New York, NY 10075
(212) 452-2222

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