Tuesday, November 10, 2009

*My Rating System*

So my friend had suggested more than once (OK I get the hint!) that I start a rating system for my blog entries. Apparently he was having trouble sifting through my reviews to figure out which were the better meals that I've had. It ain't rocket science JL, but I'll make ya life a little easier. I've decided to go with the simplest rating tool: the star system.

***** Marry me (exceptional, one of my favorites)
**** I love you (totally recommend this, it was a great meal)
*** I like you (a few bumps but overall, a good meal)
** I'll give you another chance (some things fell short, but you have potential)
* We're breaking up (wasted calories, I doubt I'd be back)

Hopefully this should make things clearer.
Thanks for reading!

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