Monday, September 21, 2009

Morning fuel @ Terrace Cafe, Venice Beach

Morning surf always makes me ravenous. Unfortunately after walking around Venice Beach, I noticed that most of the food stores on the boardwalk were closed at 9am. We made our way over to Washington Blvd., hoping for just anything to eat. Thankfully, the Terrace Cafe was open. It looked quaint and a bit kitschy, and would do just fine.

We were seated in the patio area that was already full with diners.

Mimosa from champagne split

I ordered the Eggs benedict that came with hash browns, ham and a watermelon slice. I liked the hash browns but I thought it was a little too greasy. The english muffin was also a little soggy. The watermelon however was a good addition- it was good to have a refreshing sweet bite to cut the greasiness of the hash browns.

Darren got the 3 eggs, with hash browns, turkey sausage and choice of toast.

Allan got the Omelet with 3 toppings (ham, onions and avocado). It was huge and the omelet was exploding with ham. I actually thought that the wheat toast was delicious because it was thick, a little airy and nicely toasted.

The prices were reasonable and the portions were generous. But it was a perfect serving for three starving surfers that had worked hard all morning. As such, I didn't feel guilty at all for cleaning out my plate and even stealing two pieces of Allan's toast.

Hits: large portions, location
Misses: soggy muffins
Rate: **

Terrace Cafe
7 Washington Blvd.,
Venice, CA 90292
(310) 578-1530

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